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Jeff originally started out in the hardcore scene in the 90's.

After playing at some house parties he soon moved over to the club scene and made the switch to House music in 2002. This was when he started producing his own music.

After a break of a couple of years Jeff started again in 2010 but instead started playing on CDJ's instead of SL1200's. This was also when he started to pick up producing Tech house and EDM.

  • Jeff Millions - Future Jacked (Release spring 2017)
  • Jeff Millions - Jungle Fever (Release spring 2017)
  • Jeff Millions - El Dios
  • Jeff Millions - Classic Ride
  • Jeff Millions - Reggae Vibez
  • Jeff Millions - End The Beat
  • Jeff Millions - Iced Rose
  • Jeff Millions - F*** Your Face
  • No official remixes yet, but Jeff is willing to remix a track for you