• Block + Crown & Jackers Revenge - Keep on Reaching

Welcome to the WORLD OF DANCE - WOD Music

Welcome to the new WOD Music site. As you may know WOD stands for World of Dance and Music well… it’s obvious… So welcome to the World of Dance Music!

We are looking for new talent and new tracks to release on one of our labels (the one that suits best to your style of music).
Are you a DJ but you don’t produce? We would still like to get in touch with you so we can send you exclusive new releases and mixes.

Are you a producer tired of all these snufnosed labels, like to get some feedback by a group of people that actually know what they are talking about?

Send us your demo thru DropTrack: http://musicmedia.droptrack.com


Speaker Food

  • Block + Crown & Jackers Revenge - Keep on Reaching

  • Feverpitch ft Sosh B & Madison Welch - Dirty Love (So Much Love To Give)

  • Jose & Rose - Chicago Renegades

  • Delicious - Headrockin